Ho Ho Ho Santa's leaving.....

Another year is coming to an end and that includes our time with Santa!             

Santa will be here one more evening Monday December 13th for children to share their Christmas wishes and have their portrait taken!  

Yes, there is still time for Christmas portraits call today! 270-827-2324

  If your child is not so fond of Santa he will hide in back room and stick his head in window,

shhhhh your child will never know!  Thank you to all who have visited this holiday season Santa and I enjoyed working with you!

I would like to say special thank you to Max & Gavin they were our Santa models this year 

even though Gavin was not so fond of Santa Max took over and had a good time as you can see.....


      even after a little coaching a high five            

  Children change so quickly next year who knows Gavin might even play ball with Santa!  

Our studio will be open this year between Christmas and New Year while your children are home for the holidays call today 270-827-2324

book your session 5 days before session and receive a SPECIAL holiday discount!  Talk to you later.....


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