Persnickety Pet Model search begins.....

Well it is HOT HOT HOT outside but it is so cool in the studio!  We are still looking for a few Persnickety Pet Models ....difficult to please...nitpicking ...but loveable! 

Call today 270-827-2324 .... Let me explain how are search is conducted; we take 4 poses of your furry friend in your favorite outfit or some of ours!  We are looking for unique poses and  props ....for example we try to adapt the pet to the owners interest.....Let's say you like to cook then we will have a bag of flour, mixing bowls maybe even some cooking stuff  laying around  ect....  What ever you the owner likes more than likely the pet has participated as well in some form!  

 The next day after your session you come into the studio to view all the images and together we select the 3 best poses!  All pets are precious and unique so we decided instead of just chosing our favorite you invite your friends to our website and log onto our blog and leave a comment under your pets photos ( their comment is a vote) the pet with the most comments will be considered the winners. 

Yes, we do want  small, medium and large pet entries.....Cindy will tell you which you are when you arrive!  A 16x20 for the most comments!  That's it !  You receive a free 5x7 of your favorite pose for participating and our studio has a new window display!  Of course,  we have discounted packages you can purchase! 

Sorry we only have a few days still open for our search!  Call today!  Your friends can also comment on facebook "cindys portrait studio" if this is easier for you to get lots of comments!   We would like to thank Charity and her daughter Lissa for allowing "Monster" to introduce our Persnickety Pet model search,

he was so cute laying there while Lissa changed clothing!

Mercedes sweet sixteen.....


  I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of Mercedes "Sweet Sixteen" portraits!  Mercedes,  was such fun to work with along with her brother (he told me to call him Bob) Richard and her mother Mary.  Mary brought her bat in and   we had fun in her newly reconstructed prom dress.  Her bithday is in June I want to wish her an amazing "Sweet   Sixteen" birthday and look forward to photographing her in the future!  Bob, you look handsome and I enjoyed  working with you as well!  Be nice to your sister and enjoy her party!  If you see Mercedes out and about be sure and  tell her you saw her here!