Kayla and Scamper..

Kayla I loved working with you and Scamper he is so cute and has great manners!  You have trained him well, I can't

wait to meet your horse and other pets!



You look awesome in pink with those killer eyes!  Have a great day.....talk to you soon!

What a big fiddle.....

Kiley,  here is a sneak peek at some of your senior poses your puppies were such fun

to work with and I loved your instrument, wow it is so BIG.  Your mom mentioned a few instruments but I never expected 

all those, it was such a fun session, thank you!



I look forward to visiting with you soon and showing all  75 different poses!  If you like Kiley's portraits please leave a comment for her!


The color in the trees are now disappearing old man winter

is approaching ....we may have 10 or 14 more days for outdoor portraits Call today to book your session 270-827-2324

Halloween fun...

Cadence has been coming to our studio since she was just a baby!  I cannot believe how grown up

she has become!


last year she was a cute butterfly.   

 She has such a wonderful personality sheri you are so lucky!  talk to you later.....


 Thank you Sheri for allowing our studio to be part of Cadence Halloween fun!  

Look at this costume...

 Wyatt had a wonderful idea this Halloween he told his mom I want to be a box.......yes a box named Joe Box!

What do you think?      

Ok, Wyatt I cannot wait to see how much candy you get as a box do boxes eat candy?  Mom said, you are so creative who would of wanted 

to be a box!  Your mom may just ship you off in that box UPS she can do that you know!  Have a great Halloween!  If you like Wyatt's 

costume leave him a comment.....talk to you later

Guess who just left our studio....

My great niece   she is always telling me how to photograph her...

so I let her pose herself today


of course she had to add the dog .... poor BayLee she is not in the mood to be touched by the magic wand as she kept telling her

one touch and BayLee you will be a good dog Hadley has such an imagination.  It must be wonderful to be three she has all the 

answers!  She had to take BayLee's picture before she left the studio.  So BayLee is in the pot and Hadley is telling her to say Fuzzy Pickles....  Baylee is now fast asleep in her bed as Hadley is now on another mission trick or treating downtown

.....We hope you have a great Halloween!

Calling all Spooks....

  You are invited to our 28th annual Halloween Quick Take ....Anyone dressed in costume Child, Baby, Pets and Adults!  

Our Quick take is 4 quick poses of you in your costume in our pumpkin patch or barn.  Session fee is included with each 

package - 2-5x7+ 4-4x6 + 8 wallets $39    

.....same subject different pose  2nd package $29.  

   New for 2010 4 pose collage only $19 with package purchase!  

Thank you Allison for posing in your costume you were amazing it is always fun to work with you and your family!  

Debbie and Diane,      Allison wanted you to remember what birthday this was so she  did this pose just for you   She is now 4!  

Wow, can you believe it.....    

she was an awesome butterfly a few years ago......she is really growing up!  

Mommy wanted a few poses with Allison  

 Be sure to leave Allison & Jessica (mommy ) a comment if you like their portraits.......

Call today 270-827-2324 ...........Halloween special Oct 26th through Oct 31.

Pet Model search ...

Thank you to all who participated in our model search, we enjoyed working with all of your furry friends and look forward to Persnickety Christmas Card month (October)!  

Several of our Pet parents wanted to have their pet photographed during the model search but they did not want to participate in the blog comment part of our contest.  

We didn't realize how many people just are not interested or take the time for the internet, facebook or blogging!   However, we feel this is the future and wanted to offer it to our clients!  We will be adding the other pets as the months progress and if you want to comment I will send a letter to the pets parents to log on to our site!  We will be putting the other pets on the blog after their special gifts to family members have been given!

Next month we will be looking for the best Persnickety Pet Christmas Card model!  Enter your pet today!  Call 270-827-2324 and set up your appointment, Christmas props are now in the studio and ready for your special Christmas Card.  Winner will receive FREE Christmas Cards for all their family, a great beginning to the Christmas season. 

Can you believe Christmas is only 3 months from Friday!  Where did the year go.......watch for our studio calendar of events next week ...Santa will be here early just for YOU.

talk to you soon..... call today 270-827-2324