Spa Day for BayLee

Our little baby bunnies will arrive March 25th!  We are Now booking appointments....

Before the bunnies arrive BayLee needed a trip to The Pet Spa, Eastgate Shopping Center,

for a complete fun day.  

Her groomer Megan gave her a great hair cut and all the trimmings a wonderful way to welcome spring!   

However, a trip to the Spa was exhausting for BayLee as you can see below she had to catch up on her sleep the rest of the day!


Thank you Megan for a wonderful hair cut and experience .....

...see you next month when Baylee's baby bunnies leave the studio,  she will need another Spa day .....I am sure! 

The baby bunnies keep her so busy as well as all the children she loves to kiss!   Talk to you soon....


Debbie Brown's grandson loves our barn!


Debbie I just love the way he tries to get the horse to move, he is such a hoot!  Sorry he is not a hat guy!


   His eyes are such a wonderful shade of blue!  He will for sure drive the girls

crazy,  someday!  Thank you for allowing me to capture his expressions this year

all your grandchildren are so photogenic! talk to you soon....

Shayla and Makayla what a pair!

I had a wonderful time photographing Ann's  girls they are quite the posing pair!


 Lots of energy and such cool pony tails..... Shayla was asked to show me her pretty eyes, so she did!  So cute!

Thank you girls it was a totally awesome session!  I look forward to showing you all the poses, be sure and log into 

facebook and leave a comment! 



Super Bowl .... Kelsea's Steelers

 Kelsea, you made a great choice for one of your senior outfit's, congratulations they are going to the

Super Bowl I hear their defence is awesome!  Way to go Steelers....


  Thank you for a fun session you have such a great personality!


Kelsea you would not hit your Dad with a snowball  would you ????????  

Your colors are just right with the snow a perfect combination!  

You will be featured on our facebook page cindys portrait studio 

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Tell Kiley thank you for sending you to us!!  We appreciate it and she will receive her free wallets next week!

Talk to you soon!

Too cold tonight...moved to Saturday!


Santa said it was to cold tonight for the children and him to be out so we are moving our last Santa sessions........ to Saturday 12 noon  ...  but he won't be here all day

call for appointments!  270-827-2324

Children change so much in a year this is Caden Grace last christmas 2009


....... this week  2010        Santa wanted to play high five Caden was not so sure!    Caden's shirt says he believes..... Santa ..... just don't get so close!  Great session enjoyed seeing how Caden has changed, so glad we were able to capture him during Christmas 2009 .....Children grown up so fast do you remember your child's first Christmas?  

Portraits taken Saturday  still be ready for Christmas 2010  this is the LAST day ..... 270-827-2324 for Christmas 2010 delivery!  

Portrait will be taken and ordered Saturday .... you pick up your order December 23rd!  Just in time to Make Mom, Grandma, aunts, uncles & daddy's day!  Call today 270-827-2324 Everyone welcome even grandma....older children...pets and whole family our Santa will dances, read a book, play ball with our clients.  You dream it Santa and I will make it come true!  

Hopefully it will get above 20 degrees....brrrrr  talk to you soon! 270-827-2324

Santa fun...

Tonya and I had a great time with the boys and Santa you can see!


If you have not booked your session you need to call today! 270-827-2324

Santa leaves soon!   He has work to do back at the north to you soon!

Ho Ho Ho Santa's leaving.....

Another year is coming to an end and that includes our time with Santa!             

Santa will be here one more evening Monday December 13th for children to share their Christmas wishes and have their portrait taken!  

Yes, there is still time for Christmas portraits call today! 270-827-2324

  If your child is not so fond of Santa he will hide in back room and stick his head in window,

shhhhh your child will never know!  Thank you to all who have visited this holiday season Santa and I enjoyed working with you!

I would like to say special thank you to Max & Gavin they were our Santa models this year 

even though Gavin was not so fond of Santa Max took over and had a good time as you can see.....


      even after a little coaching a high five            

  Children change so quickly next year who knows Gavin might even play ball with Santa!  

Our studio will be open this year between Christmas and New Year while your children are home for the holidays call today 270-827-2324

book your session 5 days before session and receive a SPECIAL holiday discount!  Talk to you later.....